The procedure of restoration of historic military cars is quite difficult as it is absolutely necessary to combine knowledge about history and technical engine details of these specific  historic military cars.

Restoration is defined as repairing the degraded aspect of an historic vehicle to return it to an overall "original" condition

The duration of the procedure is estimated to take from just a few months to a few years. It depends on how difficult it is to find all the spare parts for these historical vehicles. Usually we extend our search to find all the authentic historical parts from around the world.

Chronicle of Process includes:
1) The search for a specific car at a stockyard of cars around the world. Usually the cars are in a bad state of maintenance - both the body and the engine are rusty. The pictures are disappointing for the historic value of the vehicles

2) Decisions on how to completely restore the vehicles.
This includes not only repair work on the exterior parts - the body, trims, wheels and passenger compartment, but also the less visible and less evident parts such as the engine, the engine compartment, trunk, frame and all ancillary parts such as the brakes, accessories, engine coding system and electrical system.
My effort is to repair not only the obvious problems but also to make aesthetic corrections.

3) Total disassembly of the car. A total restoration could involve the total removal of the body, engine and other related car parts.

4) Procedures involving rust or rust related damage, repairs of dents and scratches, metal refinish and repainting in original factory colours. The woodwork is also repaired. This includes reglueing, replacing rotted or termite-damaged wood, sealing and refinishing to match factory specifications. Metal frames are cleaned and repaired using sandblasting methods.

5) The entire engine and all related systems are inspected and everything is done to bring them to their original pristine condition.

6) Only when a vehicle is restored to it original condition is it considered as a fully recognized restored military vehicle


The procedure of restoration with images